This isn’t the ‘clean coal’ news Trump wanted during ‘energy week’

This isn’t the ‘clean coal’ news Trump wanted during ‘energy week’

This isn’t the ‘clean coal’ news Trump wanted during ‘energy week’

This isn’t the ‘clean coal’ news Trump wanted during ‘energy week’

South costly suspended work on Wednesday in a Mississippi flagship plant was to show the technology to capture carbon dioxide from coal – sometimes called “clean coal”.

Kemper plant, which cost $ 7.5 billion to date, offers customers electricity that run on natural gas for three years, but the promising technology of coal gasification and coal was 4 billion over the Budget and three years of delay.

The plant was once considered an example of promising technologies that could help in the fight against climate change. In 2014, then Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz flew to see the factory and said, “I think I saw this plant look for the future.”

Instead, Kemper imposes financial burdens on local taxpayers and households.

Thanks to legislation passed by the Mississippi legislature, in the south was able to spend about 800 million of these costs to taxpayers, the company said.

In addition, the Kemper plant received $ 382 million in federal grants from the Department of Energy, according to the company.

“Overruns and operational problems Kemper reflect the difficulties of the intensification of a new technology coal gasification, and are not caused by plant equipment of carbon capture,” said John Thompson, project manager fossil transition for the Group Of Clean Air Work.
[Scheduled showcase future success of “clean coal”]

The new complicates the Trump administration’s message during the week they called “Energy Week” to promote President’s projects, especially to stimulate coal production declines.

Concerned about the potential cost to taxpayers, the Commission of Civil Service of Mississippi, said last week that it initiate proceedings to force the company to offer an alternative plan or simply continue to rely on natural gas indefinitely.

The commission will meet on July 6. South and its subsidiary Mississippi Power said on Wednesday they “immediately suspend start-up and mining activities” involving coal gasification from a nearby lignite mine.

The plant will continue to operate with natural gas.

The company has soared into the equipment designed to cool the synthesis gas from about 1800 to 900 degrees before removing by-products, including carbon dioxide. The plant operates on coal for more than 200 days, but the problem has not been resolved, company officials said.

“The specific carbon capture equipment Kemper is a mature technology that has been used in hundreds of chemical plants and industrial plants since 1960. It is a very mature technology.”

Hold job was “the appropriate way to manage costs given the economics of the project and for the Council to establish a set of regulatory measures to address issues related to Kemper, including future functioning of the gazéifiante part of the project,” said a statement.

Mississippi Power has already canceled $ 2.9 billion in project costs, depending on a credit analysis of June 23 and 23, more radiation is needed, he said.


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