‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

Winter has arrived. The final game arrives. And the show “Game of Thrones” now feels different because we know that there are exactly 14 more episodes after tonight, and that everything must be solved in the same period.

So, when a whole minute is dedicated to the hunter who digs a pit for two people at random, which was 20 years ago, some episodes, he wants to shout, “Come, one more time!

So come on. As always, read Alyssa Rosenberg, deep analysis / analysis of each episode, which should correspond well to this summary “try to understand exactly what happened.”

Death toll rises exponentially Arya Stark
Collect your winnings if you thought Walder Frey would be the first to hear voices in Season 7, as his Spark Arya Stark was one of the last things we’ve seen in Season 6.

Apparently, very quickly, we do not see a flashback, with Frey chairing a group of family members, but Arya’s last hand.

Once Walder entered into the specific details of his death, network marriage – murder of a pregnant woman, cutting the throat of a mother of five children, defeating the guests in her home – it was obvious that he was a Killer and not a monologue Words of encouragement to stupid individual soldiers.
While the Frey men starting to drown with the poisoned wine and breathe their last breath, Arya puts a memorable line on those who are still alive to hear “A living wolf and sheep that are not safe.”

He then broke his face to reveal his true self before leaving Frey’s boyfriend with a message to those wondering what happened. “Tell them the North remembers. Tell them that winter came to Frey House.”

It was one of the worst we’ve seen throughout the show.

There’s nothing I can do about Arya’s freshness at this point, unless it’s something like that, I do not know, Ed Sheeran hear you sing a song and be like, “Gee, it’s a beautiful song!” This is exactly how Arya followed The mass murder of the office.

“Thrones” has a story with musical scenes – Coldplay drummer Will Champion, in the red wedding ring that played “The Rains of Castamere”, members of Sigur Ros arriving at a purple wedding – but ceux – these have roles Is not fully extended. Spectator history the same way Ed Sheeran sees as a random soldier who actually receives a few lines.

Anyway, Ed is part of a group of soldiers that seems enough for now.

They offer a small rabbit Arya and the homemade mulberry wine and everyone laughs when Arya told them that they were going to land the king to kill the queen ….


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