Development MFIs’ disbursements up by 55%

Development MFIs’ disbursements up by 55%


Ten largest MFIs in terms of aggregate gross loan portfolio (GLP) account for 75% of the total industry GLP. Further, 16 large MFIs (GLP>15 billion) account for 86% of the portfolio, according to the 13th issue of the MFIN MicroMeter.

The GLP of MFIs is now more evenly distributed across various regions in the country. Share of south is 30%, east 28%, north 22% and west is 20%. The top 5 top states – West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh – account for 59% of GLP. The states with highest growth in portfolio are Manipur, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir, albeit from a low base. As of 31 March 2015, aggregate GLP of MFIs stood at 1:401.38 billion, growing 61% over FY13- 14 (including oIF-balance sheet portfolio).

The MFIs reach over 30.5 million clients, recording a yoy growth of 29%, with annual disbursement increasing
by 55% over the last fiscal. Average loan outstanding per client, on a pan India basis is 113,160. MFIs have a network of 10,553 branches with 80,097 employees across 32 states and union territories. West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are top states in terms of number of branches. MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat and TN have the highest concentration of MFIs.

During Q4 FY14-15, MFIs disbursed over 10.75 million loans worth 1190 billion. Compared with Q4 FY13-14, the number of loans disbursed grew by 41% and loan amount disbursed by 63%. During Q4 FY14-15, MFIs received a total of 1116.71 billion in debt funding and recorded a yoy growth of 91%. And 78% of the funding came from banks and rest from other financial institutions.



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