Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Bensalem, Pa. – Women have blocked social networks, saying they aggressive for dates and sex.

After leaving university, he was expelled from school by school officials who said he again harassed others.

He boasted of seeing dead people, and in a social media diary, he asked, his head bare and bald, aiming for a revolver.

In his 20 years, Cosmo DiNardo has always been a great heiress of a real estate fortune and construction on the outskirts of Philadelphia. To close friends, it was eye-catching, but it did offer clothing, shoes and money to the people in the poorer families.

The detention of “person of interest” in the disappearance of the men was sought 11 July 11, 2017
But signs of a volatile personality and intimidation became more pronounced over time, especially after a last year’s ATV crash. Many of those whom M. DiNardo met said that his state of mind became particularly obscure.

On Thursday, he confessed to the Bucks County Prosecutor that he and a cousin, Sean M. Kratz, also 20, were responsible for this month’s brutal killing of four young men who asked Mr. DiNardo as their connection with The marijuana M. and M. DiNardo Kratz have not yet appeared in court and have not filed a statement.

Prosecutors said Mr. DiNardo drew the victims on a family farm remotely in Bucks County north for two days, and Kratz drew them, one of them running with a shovel and three burned bodies.

Chris Hellmuth, including those in the orbit of M. DiNardo said to be close to him, wrote in an article posted on Facebook on Saturday that the two were best friends since the fourth degree, but was broken due to the behavior of M. DiNardo after An ATV accident. M. DiNardo was briefly hospitalized for a mental health problem.

“Cosmo that I’ve known for more than 10 years would never be able to do that,” said M. Hellmuth.

During the confession of M. DiNardo said the prosecutor’s office also said that at 15, he killed two people in Philadelphia.

M. DiNardo grew up in the bourgeois neighborhood of Bensalem, the eldest son of Antonio and Sandra DiNardo.

Antonio DiNardo has a specific company, Metro Ready Mix and Supply, and inherited a lucrative portfolio of properties after the death of his father, for whom he was named Cosmo DiNardo.

Sandra DiNardo runs a Trucks Bella truck company, and she and her husband built a profitable relationship with the sale of concrete and the delivery of it.

A DiNardos neighbor in Bensalem said that the grandfather and father of M. DiNardo, chief Tony, build all the stucco houses in their dead end. “He’s a workaholic, Tony,” said the neighbor, a doctor, who asked to be identified by his first name, Abid.


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