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Japanese airline forces disabled man to crawl aboard

Japanese airline forces disabled man to crawl aboard

Japanese airline forces disabled man to crawl aboard

Hideto Kijima has been embedded with the help of friends in his flight abroad.

But in the return leg of Amami Island, airline employees told him that for security reasons, he would not be allowed to register if he could not climb stairs without assistance.

In response, M. Kijima left his wheelchair and handed him the stairs with his arms.

M. Kijima is an experienced traveler and head of Japan’s accessible Tourism Center, a non-profit organization that lists accessibility issues to tourists in Japan.

He says he has visited more than 200 airports in 158 countries since he was paralyzed at the waist in a school rugby accident in 1990.

In a blog post, he said that where facilities were not available to passengers with reduced mobility, he relied on the help of friends or staff members as possible.

He said that although travel has sometimes been difficult, he was never informed that he could not board a plane.

He told Japanese television Nippon to be “surprised” by the strict rule. “I wondered if the airport staff did not think it was wrong,” he said.

Vanilla Air, a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways budget line, apologized for the incident and announced new measures to help wheelchair users at the airport.

The company’s website now says that although it could not provide a boarding gate at Amami airport, it will provide a special chair for this purpose.

“We regret that he caused this test,” a company spokesman told AFP news agency.

There have been several other incidents this year that involve passenger processing by airlines.

In April, a US physician of Vietnamese origin was dragged from a United Airlines flight to Chicago by police officials after he refused to relinquish his seat voluntarily.

A video of the incident posted online has caused a massive game against the airline, forcing it to change its policy and to pay an agreement with the injured doctor.

Maduro foes: Over 7 million vote in Venezuelan referendum

Maduro foes: Over 7 million vote in Venezuelan referendum

Maduro foes: Over 7 million vote in Venezuelan referendum

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Nicolas Maduro’s enemies said more than 7 million Venezuelans have cast symbolic votes that reject his plan to reform the constitution in a strong but not overwhelming test that left the opposition in the face of two tough options weeks earlier That the socialist leader intends to reform the political system.

The vote was marked by violence when a 61-year-old woman died and four people were injured by gunfire after government supporters on motorcycles invaded a poll in the opposition church of Caracas west.

Analysts said that 7,186,170 ballots whose opposition had voted in Venezuela and around the world Sunday were an impressive sight.

However, it does not correspond to the 7.7 million opposition votes that were released in 2015 and the 7.5 million votes that led Maduro to power in 2013.

Opposition leaders said it was because it was only able to establish 2000 polling stations in a symbolic exercise that the government had described as illegitimate.

However, some defenders said they were disappointed.

“I thought it was going to be,” said Mariela Arana, a school counselor for 56 years. “But these seven million people have talked and it was full.”

David Smilde, an expert at Tulane University in Venezuela, said the outcome could probably lead the international community even more strongly against the July 30 vote. Maduro calls to elect the members of the assembly that rewrote the constitution of Venezuela in 1999.

The opposition says the vote was structured to pile up the constitutional assembly with supporters of the government and allow Maduro to eliminate the few controls that remain in his power, creating a Cuban-style system dominated by the Socialist Party.

Inside Venezuela, Smilde said that the leaders of 20 groups in the opposition Democratic Unity coalition faced a choice of tactics ranging from calling a general strike on forming a parallel government to working to simply pick up international condemnation Maduro plans .

“Overall, this vote, I think, makes it difficult for the government to proceed as planned,” said M. Smilde. “I think it will encourage the international community to reject it.”

Canada and Mexico are among the countries that have issued statements late on Sunday to praise the opposition.

Last Sunday, Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada said on Twitter they said that former Mexican President Vicente Fox persona non grata and the ban that the country conspire to promote violence and foreign intervention.

Fox traveled to Venezuela Saturday with a group of former Latin American presidents to show their support for the consultation. Moncada offered no evidence to support his allegations.

The opposition has only published Sunday night, participation numbers failed to answer these questions, although almost all who voted were answered “yes” to the central to reject constitutional rewriting.

Poll: Trump's approval rating drops to 36%

Poll: Trump’s approval rating drops to 36%

Poll: Trump’s approval rating drops to 36%

The overall rating of victory approval from 42% on the 100 day mark of his presidency in April, compared to a Washington Post / ABC poll at that time.

Its disapproval rate rose five points since then to 58%, according to a comparison of the two surveys.

The new survey also shows that 48 percent. 100 of the Americans say they “strongly disapprove” the president’s performance in office.

Sunday morning in the morning, hours after the survey was released, Trump took to Twitter to defend himself.

However, the final estimate of the Washington Post-ABC News poll during the campaign was 47% for Hillary Clinton and 43% for Trump compared to the election results from 48.5% to 46.4% % For Clinton Trump.

This means that the Clinton projection was in the margin of error of the survey percentage points of 2.5, while the Trump forecast was approximately one percentage point outside the margin of error.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll asked if respondents thought it appropriate or inappropriate for Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s son and Jared Kushner campaign manager when Paul Manafort to hold a meet A Russian lawyer last summer based on obtaining information from the lawyer who would harm Clinton’s campaign, Trump Jr. reveals in emails he posted on Twitter last week.

Only 26% indicated that the meeting was appropriate, while 63% said it was inappropriate, according to a new survey. In addition, 60% said they believed that Russia tried to influence the race for the 2016 presidency and 41% said they thought that country agents Trump voluntarily helped these efforts, while 44% reported the belief that Trump has benefited Of Russia’s efforts.

In contrast, 31% said that Russia has not tried to influence the elections and only 14% said that Trump attendees have not helped or that Trump was not given Moscow’s efforts.

The survey also found that 63% of respondents said that it was more important for the federal government to provide health services to low-income people to reduce taxes, while 27% said it was more important to reduce taxes to Provide that care.

The survey also found that half of respondents preferred Obamacare to the Republican plan to replace it, while only 24% preferred the Republican plan.

On Trump’s international influence, 48% said they saw the leadership of the United States in the world be weaker than Trump took office, compared with 27% who say he has strengthened and 23% say he has remained almost same.

Only 34% of respondents said they trust Trump, good business, a fair amount of negotiations on behalf of the United States with foreign leaders, while 47% said they did not trust him.

Inspired Trump talks with Russian President Vladimir Poutine, 19% say they trust Trump to attend talks, while 48% say they do not trust Trump in this regard.

The survey was conducted from July 10 to 13 in English and Spanish among a random sample of 1,001 adults and has a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points. Surveys have made up samples of both landlines and cell phones.

The Gulf crisis: Fake news shines spotlight on psychological warfare

The Gulf crisis: Fake news shines spotlight on psychological warfare

The Gulf crisis: Fake news shines spotlight on psychological warfare

Revelations about two incidents of false Gulf-related data center on the long psychological war between the UAE and Qatar that preceded the Gulf crisis and the apparently repeated intervention efforts and competitors of the two states to shape the East Middle and North Africa in its mold.

In the latest incident, US intelligence officials said the UAE had orchestrated piracy in May of new Qatari government sites and social media to make public the false incendiary quotations attributed to the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia said their diplomats and economic boycotted six weeks against Qatar at the base of the court despite the refusal of Qatar quotes and an investigation involving the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

According to information provided by the United States, the UAE senior authorities approved the court on May 23, the day before it happens. The UAE has denied the allegations.

The claims of the United States came less than 24 hours after Reuters was forced to withdraw a report that six members of the alliance led by the Arabs and the United Arab Emirates had asked the World Cup soccer team to deprive To Qatar their rights to organize the World Cup 2022 after it has been proven that they were wrong.

The story was widely disseminated by international media and information websites and the basis for an analysis by this author. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the false report.

The two incidents, however, highlight the different strategies of the small Gulf states, battered by huge war coffers from energy exports, project their power and shape the world around them, including the Gulf crisis current.

At the heart of the differences are diametrically opposed visions of the future of a region torn by debilitating power struggles; A search for complicated, bloody and painful political change; And a determined and relentless effort against revolutionary to guard the foundations of the status quo.

The UAE, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, considered autocracy as the key to regional security and the survival of its autocratic regimes and systematically sought to reduce the achievements of the 2011 Arab popular uprisings that brought out leaders from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, which was in power for decades.

Consequently, the UAE would support a regime change in a number of countries, including Egypt, and in agreement with them, Turkey; A sharp and rebellious anti-government in anti-Islamist Libya; He joined the unfortunate military intervention of Saudi Arabia in Yemen; And in the last episode of his campaign, the imposition of a boycott of Qatar.

Unlike the UAE, Qatar has sought to position itself as an intermediary and mediator in maintaining regional relations not only with states but also with a range of Islamist, militant and rebel groups in the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition, it embraced the riots of 2011 and with the support of the Islamist forces, with the Muslim Brotherhood in the lead, which has emerged as the most organized political force from the uprisings.

Qatar’s support for the Brotherhood is tantamount to aligning the forces that challenge the autocratic regimes of the Gulf and the UAE is about to be eliminated, leading to allegations that Qatar supports terrorism is defined as something that is opposed to Autocratic regime.

Iran detains president’s brother, sentences Chinese-American

Iran detains president’s brother, sentences Chinese-American

Iran detains president’s brother, sentences Chinese-American

TEHRAN – Iran has jailed a 10-year-old Chinese-American after being accused of “infiltrating” the country and detaining President Hassan Rouhani’s brother on allegations of financial misconduct, authorities said Sunday.

New arrests occur less than two months after relatively moderate Rouhani hit hard-line opponents to win re-election by working largely on his record to maintain his collaboration with the West. They were heralded by the judiciary, a pillar of hard-line influence.

The Chinese national Arab national has been identified as Wang Xiyue, a 37-year history researcher, according to Mizan Online, a website affiliated with the judiciary.

The handles of Americans detained in Iran were not previously known.

“It was found and determined that they gathered (information) and participated in the infiltration,” said the judiciary spokesman, Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejehi at a regular press conference.

In this photo taken Monday, July 3, 2017, Hossein Fereidoun brother and senior adviser to moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, sitting at a conference in Tehran, Iran.

The semi-official news agency Tasnim reported Sunday, July 16, Hossein Fereidoun was arrested in financial matters.
Ejehi did not identify by his name Wang. But hours after his speech, Mizan published an article attributed to an anonymous source that revealed his identity and included several photos of him, apparently through Internet.

Article Mizan said he was born in Peking and entered Iran as a researcher. He emphasized the degree studies that has been carried out at Princeton University in 2013 and 2014, and described it as a fluid Persian speaker.

In a statement, Princeton said Wang was arrested in Iran last summer while conducting research on qajar dynasty from 1794-1925 for his doctorate in the history of Eurasia in the late 19th and early 20th century.

“We were very saddened by the allegations against him as part of school activities, and for his conviction and subsequent conviction,” the statement said.

The university said it was working with Wang’s family, the US government, private lawyers and others for their release. He said he hoped he would be released during the call.

A photo of Wang in the Department of History of Princeton shows is on a plaque at the entrance of the official Xinhua News Agency office in Kabul, Afghanistan.

A short bio on the Princeton Asia website said that Wang had been a Hong Kong partner in 2008-2009, had completed a degree in South Asian Studies from the University of Washington and has Russian studies at Harvard eurasiries.

“For better or for worse, I still can not tell you exactly what he studied in many years,” the site said. “What he knows is that his dream is to circulate the ancient silk route from Xian to Rome.”

South Korea offers to talk with North on easing border tensions, resuming family reunions

South Korea offers to talk with North on easing border tensions, resuming family reunions

South Korea offers to talk with North on easing border tensions, resuming family reunions

South Korea is willing to set aside the first test of North Intercontinental ballistic missiles and work with the isolated regime to ease tensions and resume reunions of families separated by war in the 1950s.

Deputy Defense Minister Suh Choo Suk said Monday that defense officials from the South offer Friday talks in the Panmunjom border village to discuss how to end hostile activities along the border. Kim Sun Hyang, head of the Red Cross in Seoul, said he wanted to separate discussions on border people on August 1 to discuss family gatherings.

The Seoul proposal during two rounds of talks shows that President Moon Jae-in attempts to improve relations with Pyongyang despite the first North Intercontinental ballistic missile this month.

Luna reiterated earlier this month that he is ready to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un if conditions are met. Moon also said that the two Koreas should stop hostile activities at the border, revive family reunions and cooperate with the 2018 Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Luna said he would use dialogue and pressure to resolve the stalemate over North Korea’s nuclear program. But his push reported little progress with an examination of the North – taking a series of newly developed missiles since the May 10 inauguration of the moon.

It is unclear whether North Korea would accept the proposed talks, because it remains suspicious around the moon’s openings, seeing the new political leader during the use of the US. Forcing the North to disarm.

The launch of the northern intercontinental ballistic missile caused security problems because it showed that the country could develop a reliable nuclear missile capable of reaching anywhere in the United States. Analysts say the ICBM that was tested could reach Alaska.

Following the launch, Kim said he will never negotiate his weapons unless US programs abandon his hostile policy toward his country. Kim’s statement suggested asking for more missile and nuclear tests until North Korea is developing an intercontinental ballistic missile that could place all of the United States in the United States. within reach.

Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

Bensalem, Pa. – Women have blocked social networks, saying they aggressive for dates and sex.

After leaving university, he was expelled from school by school officials who said he again harassed others.

He boasted of seeing dead people, and in a social media diary, he asked, his head bare and bald, aiming for a revolver.

In his 20 years, Cosmo DiNardo has always been a great heiress of a real estate fortune and construction on the outskirts of Philadelphia. To close friends, it was eye-catching, but it did offer clothing, shoes and money to the people in the poorer families.

The detention of “person of interest” in the disappearance of the men was sought 11 July 11, 2017
But signs of a volatile personality and intimidation became more pronounced over time, especially after a last year’s ATV crash. Many of those whom M. DiNardo met said that his state of mind became particularly obscure.

On Thursday, he confessed to the Bucks County Prosecutor that he and a cousin, Sean M. Kratz, also 20, were responsible for this month’s brutal killing of four young men who asked Mr. DiNardo as their connection with The marijuana M. and M. DiNardo Kratz have not yet appeared in court and have not filed a statement.

Prosecutors said Mr. DiNardo drew the victims on a family farm remotely in Bucks County north for two days, and Kratz drew them, one of them running with a shovel and three burned bodies.

Chris Hellmuth, including those in the orbit of M. DiNardo said to be close to him, wrote in an article posted on Facebook on Saturday that the two were best friends since the fourth degree, but was broken due to the behavior of M. DiNardo after An ATV accident. M. DiNardo was briefly hospitalized for a mental health problem.

“Cosmo that I’ve known for more than 10 years would never be able to do that,” said M. Hellmuth.

During the confession of M. DiNardo said the prosecutor’s office also said that at 15, he killed two people in Philadelphia.

M. DiNardo grew up in the bourgeois neighborhood of Bensalem, the eldest son of Antonio and Sandra DiNardo.

Antonio DiNardo has a specific company, Metro Ready Mix and Supply, and inherited a lucrative portfolio of properties after the death of his father, for whom he was named Cosmo DiNardo.

Sandra DiNardo runs a Trucks Bella truck company, and she and her husband built a profitable relationship with the sale of concrete and the delivery of it.

A DiNardos neighbor in Bensalem said that the grandfather and father of M. DiNardo, chief Tony, build all the stucco houses in their dead end. “He’s a workaholic, Tony,” said the neighbor, a doctor, who asked to be identified by his first name, Abid.

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: A return to ‘Dragonstone’ and a question of alliances

Winter has arrived. The final game arrives. And the show “Game of Thrones” now feels different because we know that there are exactly 14 more episodes after tonight, and that everything must be solved in the same period.

So, when a whole minute is dedicated to the hunter who digs a pit for two people at random, which was 20 years ago, some episodes, he wants to shout, “Come, one more time!

So come on. As always, read Alyssa Rosenberg, deep analysis / analysis of each episode, which should correspond well to this summary “try to understand exactly what happened.”

Death toll rises exponentially Arya Stark
Collect your winnings if you thought Walder Frey would be the first to hear voices in Season 7, as his Spark Arya Stark was one of the last things we’ve seen in Season 6.

Apparently, very quickly, we do not see a flashback, with Frey chairing a group of family members, but Arya’s last hand.

Once Walder entered into the specific details of his death, network marriage – murder of a pregnant woman, cutting the throat of a mother of five children, defeating the guests in her home – it was obvious that he was a Killer and not a monologue Words of encouragement to stupid individual soldiers.
While the Frey men starting to drown with the poisoned wine and breathe their last breath, Arya puts a memorable line on those who are still alive to hear “A living wolf and sheep that are not safe.”

He then broke his face to reveal his true self before leaving Frey’s boyfriend with a message to those wondering what happened. “Tell them the North remembers. Tell them that winter came to Frey House.”

It was one of the worst we’ve seen throughout the show.

There’s nothing I can do about Arya’s freshness at this point, unless it’s something like that, I do not know, Ed Sheeran hear you sing a song and be like, “Gee, it’s a beautiful song!” This is exactly how Arya followed The mass murder of the office.

“Thrones” has a story with musical scenes – Coldplay drummer Will Champion, in the red wedding ring that played “The Rains of Castamere”, members of Sigur Ros arriving at a purple wedding – but ceux – these have roles Is not fully extended. Spectator history the same way Ed Sheeran sees as a random soldier who actually receives a few lines.

Anyway, Ed is part of a group of soldiers that seems enough for now.

They offer a small rabbit Arya and the homemade mulberry wine and everyone laughs when Arya told them that they were going to land the king to kill the queen ….

9 dead and one missing in flash flood at Arizona swimming hole

9 dead and one missing in flash flood at Arizona swimming hole

9 dead and one missing in flash flood at Arizona swimming hole

People were dead, including six children, and a man missing after a flood lit by a popular swimming hole in Arizona Saturday afternoon.

The fatal incident at Cold Springs swimming hole in Tonto National Forest followed heavy rains that caused storms and warnings interesting National Weather Service in areas marked by a recent forest fire.

Officials suspended their search Sunday night, but expected to resume Monday.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office first received a 911 call on a search and rescue operation in the pool glass at 3:20 p.m. Saturday, according to the department’s website.

Sheriff’s sergeant. David Hornung said Sunday that the dead were members of a family that had gathered for the day.

“From what I understand, they were brothers and sisters, nephews and cousins. It was a large group of people who enjoyed swimming in the river and playing in the water,” he said.

The deceased children ranged from 2 to 17 years old and adults aged 24 to 60, Hornung said.

The victims, he said, were probably taken without warning because of the flood.

“It was not even raining where these people were,” he said. “Quick flood came from above.”

Parents told the Arizona Republic newspaper that the victims were members of a Phoenix family who had gone to the natural pool to celebrate their birthday. The newspaper said that among the dead were two mothers and their children, a grandmother and two teenagers. The husband of one of the dead women was still missing, the newspaper reported.

The weather service issued a flood warning Saturday afternoon, but the area is quite remote, Hornung said.

“People who were there probably did not have cell phone service. There was no real way to warn of the possibility of flooding,” he said.

In total, 14 people were initially reported missing, but four were rescued within an hour of the incident, Hornung said.

The rescue was aided by the fact that a search and rescue team was deployed nearby to help a hiker who had suffered an allergic reaction.

“When they finished, they heard people screaming for help, and they went to the river and found them,” Hornung said. “If they were not there, I would have to wait an hour before the search and rescue came.”

The swimming hole is popular with tourists and locals, a place where families often gather to escape the heat, said Chris Fabri Phoenix, who maintains a website in the Arizona pools and visits cool springs for more than Two decades. The pool hole is located north of Payson, Arizona.

A video taken by a witness, Disa Alexander, shortly after the flood and shown by various media outlets, showed a man in a tree with a baby while the water ran around him.

The site for local information Payson Roundup said that lifeguards had saved a father agrivait Saturday child.

Source: CBO report on health care bill not expected Monday

Source: CBO report on health care bill not expected Monday

Source: CBO report on health care bill not expected Monday

(CNN) The Congressional Budget Office should not publish its analysis of the new Republican Health Care Act Monday, an NC Senate adviser CNN said.

The CBO was expected to release a report Monday, and it is not clear when the evaluation will be released.

The news came after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday night that he would postpone a vote on the bill because the Senator

John McCain is recovering from surgery in his home state of Arizona this week. McCain’s Senate absence would have threatened the bill because McConnell needs the support of 50 of the 52 Republican senators to pass it, and two GOP senators Susan Collins and Rand Paul of Kentucky have already said they would not vote for the bill .

Collins said Sunday in the “State of the Union” to CNN that he is still opposing taking the Senate bill for Republican health care, because this could hurt some people who need him the most.

“This bill would require fundamental and radical changes in the Medicaid program,” Collins said. “These (changes) are very deep cuts that would affect some of the most vulnerable in our society, including children with disabilities, poor elderly people. This would affect our rural hospitals and our nursing homes.”

Comments Collins arrived after Vice President Mike Pence promised the bill, which, among other things, eliminate further funding for the expansion of Medamid Obamacare, strengthen Medicaid.

He and other senior government officials argue that states would gain the flexibility to revise their traditional Medicaid programs through block grants and the ceiling of membership, allowing them to save money that could be used to avoid loss of coverage.

In a statement released Sunday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said the project had funding that would “ensure” that low-income adults had access to affordable, quality services.

In the statement, the agency argued that states could develop their own plans to help low-income people, and CMS Administrator Seema Verma said that her partner agency with states to help them.

Collins said Sunday saw “very different” things about how the government has implemented the law and stressed that the bill would reduce Medicaid spending by about three-quarters of a trillion dollars from 2026 in relation to the law .

Collins said he planned to vote against the bill, reiterating the position during the interview on Sunday. Paul, who has criticized the bill for not being conservative enough, also said he would vote against the bill.

Collins said he did not know if he would approve the bill, while Paul, in an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” said he thought there was an “abrognement nearby and clean” Obamacare.

Senate Republicans unveiled a new version of the bill Thursday. Includes a provision Republican Senator from Texas

Ted Cruz defended allow insurers to offer insurance plans that do not meet Obamacare’s standards if they also sell policies consistent with the law.

Collins said Cruz’s plan was “fatal,” echoing Friday in the language of the two major lobby groups.